Time & Attendance

The smart time tracking and scheduling tool for growing businesses. Easily build and manage employee schedules, move shifts, forecast and manage overtime expenses, and much more.

Employee Schedule in Minutes

FIS Shift Manager's scheduling software makes it easy to build and manage employee schedules. To get started, simply drag and drop shifts to open time slots. FIS Shift Manager’s AI based auto scheduling system optimizes for cost and optimal coverage. The moment you publish a new shift, schedule a new job, or make any changes to an existing schedule, you’ll be keeping everyone in the team up-to-date with real time notifications. Say goodbye to late starts, no-shows, and missed appointments.

Easy to Use Time Clock with Facial Recognition

Turn any iPad into an intuitive, easy-to-use time clock. No more expensive, bulky hardware! FIS Shift Manager optimizes for speed with facial recognition or a simple PIN. Eliminate buddy punching with real-time image capture and a photo audit trail.

Offline Mode

FIS Shift Manager will continue storing employee data and automatically update once your iPad has internet connectivity.

Track Time from Any Location in Any Time Format

Regardless of how your business would like to track and manage employee time, FIS Shift Manager has a solution to make labor cost management a breeze.
  • Employees can clock in and out in real time, enter their time manually, and use advanced time tracking features to customize time entry for projects & tasks with multilevel job coding
  • GPS location is automatically attached to the individual employee timesheet when they clock in or out
  • In addition, track paid and unpaid breaks, and even tips
  • With our comprehensive statutory rules library, stay compliant without any extra work
  • AI based platform notifies supervisors in real time of exceptions

Time & Attendance

Automate time tracking and scheduling, stay compliant with labor laws, and empower your employees with the tools they need to be a productive workforce.

Streamline Your Time Off Processes

Define any time off rule appropriate for your business - sick leave, vacation, paid time off (PTO) and set accrual policies. Automate these policies and free your managers and HR from unnecessary administrative overhead.
Enable your employees to quickly book time off from their mobile device or from the web. Managers can stay on top of employee availability by viewing requests in real-time and approving or rejecting requests.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Run payroll, attendance, or annual summary reports for any date range. With our custom reports feature, easily configure reports or filter data so that you can make proactive decisions. Print or email reports on the fly, save to PDF, or export to Excel or CSV.

Payroll Ready

FIS Shift Manager’s Time and Attendance system was built with payroll administrators in mind. Payroll teams can perform end-to-end management of time data including exceptions and adjustments.

With our pre-built, multi-state, multi-jurisdiction labor compliance library, businesses can manage labor laws and other business policies with complete confidence. FIS Shift Manager increases payroll efficiencies, reduces errors, and minimizes payroll delays.

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